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Naka Ward Office Family Registry Division, Insurance and Pension Division window congestion expectation

 Each window of Naka Ward Office may be crowded by day or seasonal reason very much and causes people from next agency trouble.
 As you can confirm day when the current waiting number of people particularly congestion is expected from the following link, please make use for congestion evasion.


The window congestion situation

In the window congestion situation, we can confirm the current congestion situation every window.

Waiting situation confirmation

We wait and, by situation confirmation, can confirm the waiting situation of summons number.
We have number accepting plural reports.
It might seem to be interrupted depending on number. Thank you for your understanding.

Grant situation confirmation

By grant situation confirmation, we can confirm the grant situation of application documents than summons number.

Congestion expectation calendar

We can see congestion expectation every window with congestion expectation calendar.

Parking lot is crowded on day when window is crowded, too. You may have to wait before you park.
In addition, free, person grinding the next agency for procedures can use for ward office until 60 minutes, but there is a charge for share more than 60 minutes including rush hours. Thank you for your understanding beforehand. About the use of parking lot, as for the details, please see "about the use of Naka Ward Government building parking lot".