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List of Naka Ward photo communication is this

"Rugby World Cup" establishes flower bed of theme in Kaiko Hiroba park!

December 14, 2018

We establish flower bed which featured the theme of "Rugby World Cup 2019" in Kaiko Hiroba park.
We expressed rugby ball and uniform as red in begonia and Tama Ryu of white. In addition, we planted north Paul and stock, bulb of tulip on the staff of middle engineering works office on December 14. More than 200 tulips are going to make bloom in about April. Please come.

Naka Ward: kaikou00.jpg We combined begonia of white with red and formed uniform. We spread Tama Ryu in the people in the image of rugby field.
Naka Ward: kaikou01.jpg We displayed Topia Lee of rugby ball type.
Naka Ward: kaikou04.jpg We put stock and north Paul, bulb of tulip on planter put next to flower bed by the middle engineering works office staff.
Naka Ward: kaikou02.jpg It is state of planter. Tulip more than 200 pitches is going to bloom in about April.