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List of Naka Ward photo communication is this

We held "the ninth Naka Ward nursery school opposition relay road race meeting - tulip cup ..."!

November 7, 2018

 We held the ninth "Naka Ward nursery school relay road race meeting" under the sky on Wednesday, November 7 in slightly chilly autumn.
 As for the number of the participation child-care facilities, approximately 390 children ahead of 28 garden more than last year, elementary school entrance to school gathered in Honmoku mountaintop park and they put power together and, in friend and protectors, hot encouragement of staff of nursery school, ran through truck of one one lap approximately 100m.
 After relay road race, we were divided into every planned elementary school to go to from next April and deepened interchange with new friend and teacher of elementary school.

Naka Ward: ekiden01.jpg  We start soon. Kana ... which can hand cord well.
Naka Ward: ekiden02.jpg  Great close battle that is ding-dong on chest with cord!
Naka Ward: ekiden03.jpg  Tie cord hard, goal of impression!
Naka Ward: ekiden04.jpg  Saying "did the best, everybody,!"; Takemae Director General. Certificate of merit was handed all teams tulip cup trophy in each higher three teams of all 4 races.
Naka Ward: ekiden05.jpg  After relay road race, it is rock, paper, scissors train. We look forward to meeting friend of other nursery schools which made friends today in April.