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List of Naka Ward photo communication is this

"The twelfth contact athletic meet" was held!

June 26, 2018

 In middle sports center, "the twelfth contact athletic meet" that it was hosted by association of Naka Ward golden age club society was held.
 On the day bottle fishing competition, egg and spoon race, search for vegetables, bread bite competition, all seven kinds of competitions including pork prodding were performed after participants more than 400 gathering, and having prepared by story and radio exercises of the heat stroke prevention.
 We were running for the everybody first place hard, and venue swelled by support and cheers, too.
 Between white-hot races from Kaga-cho Police Station about road safety had to talk, and, about prevention of traffic accident, was able to learn happily while moving body.

 We enter one, golden age club with interest on seeing this article, and shall we participate in various events?
 For more details, please ask the association of Naka Ward golden age club society secretariat.
 Reference 045-681-8480

Naka Ward: Radio exercises Radio exercises
Naka Ward: Bottle fishing competition Bottle fishing competition
Naka Ward: Egg and spoon race Egg and spoon race
Naka Ward: Search for vegetables Search for vegetables
Naka Ward: We eat bread and compete We eat bread and compete
Naka Ward: We chase pork We chase pork