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List of Naka Ward photo communication is this

Yamashitacho Neighborhood Associations won Minister of the Environment Prize!

June 13, 2018

 On Wednesday, June 13, commendation ceremonies such as environmental conservation people who has rendered distinguished services were held in grand arc Hanzomon, and Yamashitacho Neighborhood Associations was commended as person of local environmental beautification achievement.
 Person of local environmental beautification achievement commendation is commendation by the Minister of the Environment who is performed because remarkable achievement is full of the achievement for and group which there was about local environment beautification for many years. Commendation ceremony is held every year for environment month of June.
 As for the Yamashitacho Neighborhood Associations, it is contributed to promotion of "Yokohama 3R dream plan" including work for cleaning activities of the Yokohama-Chinatown outskirts and patrol of collection site. In addition, we work on cleaning activity by local junior high school and collaboration and connect with spread of next-generation beautification awareness enlightenment. Earnest approach for many years of Yamashitacho Neighborhood Associations was evaluated and led to this commendation.

Naka Ward: hyousyou1.jpg Minister of the Environment Nakagawa and taking a ceremonial photograph
(from the right Chairperson Kurita, Minister of the Environment Nakagawa, Vice Chairperson Karasawa, green leaves election prize winner)
Naka Ward: hyousyou2.jpg Around Parliamentary Secretary of the Environment Takebe (from the left the second)
Naka Ward: hyousyou3.jpg We dissolve and come and take a ceremonial photograph with Senior Vice Minister of the Environment (from the left the second)!
Naka Ward: 04.jpg Let's make Chinatown beautiful town! Simultaneous campaign (November, 2012)
Naka Ward: 05.jpg We cooperate with Yokohama Yamate Chinese food school in Yokohama-Chinatown clean up
Naka Ward: 06.jpg We cooperate with yoko*chuka*in in Yokohama-Chinatown clean up
Naka Ward: 07.jpg Collection site abolition ceremony (November, 2017) before Yamashita-Cho Koen
Naka Ward: 03.jpg Japanese Islands clean masterpiece war (July, 2017)