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List of Naka Ward photo communication is this

"Disaster prevention & BBQ Yamashitacho neighbor sundae" was held!

June 3, 2018

 Local interchange business "disaster prevention & BBQ Yamashitacho neighbor sundae" for inhabitants of Yamashitacho was held with Yamashitacho Neighborhood Associations building.
 It was performed by two copies of constitution of "story of disaster prevention to protect family" "barbecue & board game meeting", and there was 95 participation in adult, child. The support from participant who approved of purpose and bring-your-own party of dishes were seen, and alternating current between participants was performed lively, too.

※With "neighbor sundae"
 In 1999, residents who lived in the same apartment regretted lonely death of a certain old man in Paris of France and held dinner party to deepen interchange. "Neighbor festival" that this became opening spread through the United States without staying in France. And "neighbor sundae" is held in Shibuya in Japan from 2017 and says with "day when we come to know person of neighborhood where there is few at opportunity to usually speak by sight more", and various local actions are performed.

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