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List of Naka Ward photo communication is this

All of 4, Honmoku south cheerful town governing boards exchanged opinions with the mayor about "the making of spirit of town which kept the history and characteristic of Honmoku alive"!

May 28, 2018

 In "the other side of tunnel, all of 4, Honmoku south cheerful town governing boards and "warmth talk" with Mayor Fumiko Hayashi were held by what kind of town, o theme. On the day we exchanged opinions with production secret stories of "Honmoku book" (hommokubon) which we issued about approach to solve welfare health, local interchange, manufacturing, local problem including activation of mall in last October.

 "Honmoku book" This is finished in all 4, Honmoku south cheerful one which waits, and gathered up hot thought of the governing board and the activity to want to increase a lot people loving Honmoku wanting more people to know charm alone of Honmoku.

 In middle Honmoku community house (2-351, Honmokucho, Naka-ku), we sell for one 500 yen.

This Makimoto

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