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List of Naka Ward photo communication is this

"The 26th Ooka River Sakura Festival" was held!

April 7, 2018

  "The 26th Ooka River Sakura Festival" was held in (Sun) on Saturday, April 7 and 8th, and opening of a meeting ceremony was performed in Fukutomi-cho Nishi Koen on 7th for the first day. Co-hosting with Minami Ward Sakura Festival that ceremony is held in (Sun) on 8th is the sixth year in this year.
  We reached full bloom of cherry tree early, and unfortunately it had been cherry tree with early leaves, but we rushed toward the situation from company and administration toward the area at the beginning, and row of trees of Ooka riverside was able to hold opening of a meeting ceremony safely this year.

Naka Ward: 01.jpg As representative from area, Chairperson Hirayama of Chairperson association of Naka Ward Machiuchi communication meeting gave greetings to.
Naka Ward: 02.jpg Director General out of Takemae who became the second participation from appointment of last year said hello.
Naka Ward: 03.jpg There were greetings from Chairperson Ichinose of large Okagawa Sakura Festival executive committee.
Naka Ward: 04.jpg Finally silent prayer was given to people who were sacrificed by past war damage.
Naka Ward: 05.jpg In each venue along Fukutomi-cho Nishi Koen and great Okagawa, many booths and stands stood in a row and showed turnout.
Naka Ward: 06.jpg
Naka Ward: 07.jpg Powerful live concert was carried out on Pier Sakura stand ship stage and many people stopped foot and listened attentively.
A lot of people who enjoyed Sakura Festival on boat from the water came.
Naka Ward: 08.jpg Minami Ward Sakura Festival was held in Makita Park on 8th, and Ichinose Ooka River Sakura Festival practice chairperson participated in opening of a meeting ceremony. We cooperate with all of Minami Ward closely and will enliven Sakura Festival in future.