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List of Naka Ward photo communication is this

"The eleventh African Festival yokohama 2018" was held!

April 6, 2018

  "The eleventh African Festival yokohama 2018" which Yokohama-shi supported was started on April 6 in Akarengasoko Building No. 1 until 8th. Director General attended at opening ceremony held in the venue on 6th.

Naka Ward: af01.jpg It was attended at opening ceremony a lot of each African country staying in Japan embassy and Motoichi people concerned.
Naka Ward: af02.jpg Takemae Director General which is introduced at opening ceremony
Naka Ward: af03.jpg Music and dance by African and Japanese were developed on stage, and workshop of African racial musical instrument was performed, too.
Naka Ward: af04.jpg
Naka Ward: af05.jpg Booths such as embassy corner, African market, food court were installed in venue, and display, sale of guidebook, handicrafts and special product of each African country was performed.
Naka Ward: DSC03540.JPG