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List of Naka Ward photo communication is this

The inside is close! We held presentation & 33rd Naka Ward social welfare meet!

February 19, 2018

 Good! This town! Under the theme of bond of Naka Ward, we are close during 2017! We held presentation & 33rd social welfare meet. On the day we had approximately 380 people arrive to opening of a port memory hall. In Part 1, social welfare person who has rendered distinguished services honoring type was held, and many people played an active part in Naka Ward were commended. In Part 2, the inside is close! We reported the approach situation of this and had you announce activities from 3 groups (the third district: making of spirit concert, village forest play project, Honmoku light up project). This time mainly on achievement in area of children had to talk. Furthermore, in Part 3, children of Yokohama Chinese food nursery school showed dragon dance of a lot of spirit and were wrapped in smile that there were many the venues. In addition, we restored held Jack at the same time, and bazaar was prosperous very much, too.

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