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List of Naka Ward photo communication is this

We had you present kagamimochi from all of Kannai-District!

December 26, 2017

On December 10, "meeting with the 41st Kannai rice cake" was held. We had elementary school student of student and Honcho Elementary School of Yoshida, Yokohama Junior High School help and had you participate in a total of approximately 500 all of you.
In addition, we had you present kagamimochi from all of Kannai-District on December 26.

Naka Ward: taikai1.jpg Madoka Inoue three people (Naka Ward local welfare officer children's committee meeting Kannai-District chairperson, Kannai-District young people instructor district chairperson) who make rice cake
Naka Ward: zoutei.jpg Kazuaki Yamaguchi (Basyamichi Avenue vice-director, Kannai-District young people instructor), Mari Morita (Kannai-District sports promotion committee district chairperson) who present kagamimochi to Takemae Director General