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List of Naka Ward photo communication is this

We held walking over famous spot of Yoshidashinden, Basyamichi!

November 3, 2017

 We held walking tour and to surround famous place with with guide in commemoration of the Yoshidashinden completion 350th anniversary in cooperation with association of Yokohama city guide of the 150th anniversary of the middle constituency system 90th anniversary, the opening of a port memory hall 100th anniversary, the Basyamichi.
 We had been blessed with weather and had you participate in various places of wide age group with 2 course from 147 people, teens in total to 80 generations.
 In Basyamichi of goal point, Basyamichi Festival was held, too, and around Kannai Station was full of many people.

Naka Ward: hinodesanbashi.jpg Naka Ward: isezakichoujamachi.jpg Naka Ward: hinodechou.jpg Naka Ward: tenjinsakahi.jpg Naka Ward: choujamachi-2.jpg Naka Ward: ooido.jpg Naka Ward: annaiban.jpg Naka Ward: nihonodori-2.jpg Naka Ward: bashamichi-1.jpg Naka Ward: bashamichi-2.jpg