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List of Naka Ward photo communication is this

The fifth Yokohama canal parade was held!

October 21, 2017

 The fifth Yokohama canal parade was held in great Okagawa, Nakamura River, Horikawa.
 For rainy day, fleet parade was called off, but various places of middle inhabitant of a ward elected embarkation experience that public information yokohama, naka kuban September issue recruited participated in the morning.
 We did not go in course of embarkation experience, but, in front of Ishikawacho Station, temporary construction Bridge was installed.
 Ceremony was held in the afternoon, and mood increased toward further inflection of river.

Naka Ward: hinodesanbashi-1.jpg Naka Ward: hinodesanbashi-2.jpg Naka Ward: hinodesanbashi-3.jpg Naka Ward: hinodesanbashi-4.jpg Naka Ward: nihonmarumae.jpg Naka Ward: shikiten-1.jpg Naka Ward: shikiten-2.jpg Naka Ward: ishikawachou-2.jpg Naka Ward: ishikawachou-1.jpg