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List of Naka Ward photo communication is this

Red feather community chest starts!

October 2, 2017

 Annual "red feather community chest" started on October 1. In ward, ward local welfare officer children's committee meeting, rebirth protection woman society, Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations, Naka Ward volunteer Network, many of you including students of port junior high school participated in fund-raising on the streets activity in each area on next day, Monday, October 2 of ceremony of the 90th anniversary of the constituency system. All of you who had cooperation to donation, everyone, who participated in donation activity, thank you.

(Naka Ward Council of Social Welfare Naka Ward Health and Welfare Division)

State of reception desk

All of you of the fourth southern part district gather in front of top stand meeting place 

Lots gathered It is photography with all of you of the fourth southern part.
(of photograph front row left Masaharu Hirayama community chest society Naka Ward supporting chairperson, back row center Yutaka Kaneko Naka Ward Council of Social Welfare chairperson in line left Takemae size Director General)
Preparations are OK

All of you of the fourth northern part district are donation activities in front of 1, Honmoku convenience store.

Color card corps leads parade

At Isezaki mall, it is the first northern part, first central part, Kannai, *ji, donation activity by all of you combination of Kotobuki. We appealed to person who came and went for the fund-raising eagerly.

Police musical band follows


It is march of two-pole banner In front of Kannai Station, Uchikoshi, Ishikawa, the third, all of you of the sixth district appealed to passenger getting on and off of station for donation activity.

We parade with upbound flag

 It is taking a ceremonial photograph in front of the city hall.
We distribute enlightenment article In front of ion Honmoku store, he/she appealed to local various places where Honmoku, Negishi, all of shinhommakijikuminjikyo were able to come to for shopping for donation eagerly.
Long row of parades  
Passerby is interesting, too In front of Ishikawacho Station, it is donation activity of all of Naka Ward rebirth protection woman society. In the rebirth protection woman society, support of crime preventive activity and comeback to normal life of person who committed a crime, each one including young fitness upbringing aim at the making of society respected as person from situation of woman and are active.
Ceremony before cattleya plaza We perform donation activity that student of port Junior High School threw in in average year in Chinatown in the second district.
It is meeting to Yamashitacho Neighborhood Associations building.
Wind music performances in port

Well, it is departure. Junior high student is divided into five teams and is donation activity with local all of you.

Cheerleading of Yokohama women's university

We call for the fund-raising vigorously.

State of cheerleading

All of you who had donation cooperate, everyone, who participated in donation activity in each district, thank you very much.