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List of Naka Ward photo communication is this

We held Naka Ward multicultural festival

September 24, 2017

 Multicultural festival that reaches the seventh this year. We held event that Japanese interchanged with foreigner who lived in Naka Ward and could do a variety of culture experiences. We memorialized the opening of a port memory Hall 100th anniversary of the 90th anniversary of the middle constituency system and held speech by children connected in memory lecture (lecturer: soinedendaigakudaigakuinkyojuhinetenji) and foreign country which featured the theme of "in dream big for children who led to foreign country which took the next generation" at the same time this year.
 We could do various multicultural experiences including program for sale such as light meals such as stage performance, India or Korea of ethnic dance and folk music or world miscellaneous goods, exhibition of child of foreigner, own country culture introduction corner, children by foreigner who local, lived by event and had you enjoy toward many visitors.

Naka Ward: 6gou.jpg Naka Ward: hp6gou.jpg