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List of Naka Ward photo communication is this

"Pink ribbon Kanagawa 2017" was held

September 23, 2017

 Naka Ward supports event "pink ribbon Kanagawa 2017" to appeal for early detection of breast cancer, importance of early treatment.
 From September 22 to 24th, Yokohama-shi opening of a port memory hall or Yokohama Marine Tower were lighted up by pink.
 Enlightenment event was held mainly on Yokohama Park on September 23, and booth of display of mammography car and self-palpation experience was developed.
 The Health and Welfare Center head participated in "pink ribbon parade" carried out as part of enlightenment event among middle Director General, too and publicized pink ribbon activity with Yokohama scarf goodwill ambassador and of Yokohama F. Marinos formally thiateam "Tricolore mer Maize". (the photograph left)
 Furthermore, by pink ribbon ceremony, I sent message, it "was more important than the middle Health and Welfare Center head to work on pink ribbon activity together". We tied up pink ribbon to monument with all of companies which supported pink ribbon activity afterwards. (the photograph right)
 By event, there were announcements of chorus and thiadance performance of children and was gorgeous atmosphere.

Naka Ward: Shinyamashita home respect for the old festival Naka Ward: Honmoku home respect for the old festival