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List of Naka Ward photo communication is this

We had you donate coolant to Hama road supporter activity from Yokohama Boeki Tatemono at moment!


From thought, "it is hard to perform road cleaning at hot time of the summertime", it is Hama road supporter ※Yokohama Boeki Tatemono state donated coolant, 200 as part of local contribution activity of this at moment. (July 31)
Yokohama Boeki Tatemono is established in October, 1949 and has Hama road supporter register in company which took root on land called Yokohama from postwar revival time from 2015 and has Kaigan Dori or new port district of Naka Ward clean.
Coolant which had you donate this time conjugates for activity of Hama road supporter.

※Hama road supporter business
With Hama road supporter business, one and company living in area support offer of cleaning tool or collection, disposal of garbage in business to perform cleaning activity of road and beautification activities such as hana* in engineering works office.

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