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List of Naka Ward photo communication is this

"Exercise to light the 67th society" enlightenment campaign

July 22, 2017

 "Exercise to light society" enlightenment campaign was carried out this year.
 All nations deepen understanding about prevention of crime and delinquency and rebirth of people who committed a crime, and put power together in each situation, and "exercise to light society" is nationwide exercise that is going to build criminal community which there is not. We developed activity as emphasis month in July and reached the 67th every year in this year.

State of reception desk

Venue of this year is ISEZAKI MALL! 
Parade starts in front of cross street.

Lots gathered

Many participants gathered for the all of association of Naka Ward security/safety promotion constitution groups beginning.

Preparations are OK

We hang cord from shoulder, and saa preparations are OK!

Color card corps leads parade

It is beginning of parade which is gorgeous by the guidance of color card corps of Kanagawa Prefectural Police.

Police musical band follows

Kanagawa Police musical band followed and attached Aya to parade by splendid performance.

It is march of two-pole banner

It is march of large two-pole banner of exercise to light society successively. Passerby left means of transportation in powerful state, too and watched.


We parade with upbound flag

We rise to way, and participant with flag parades at Isezaki mall.

We distribute enlightenment article

We walked while distributing round fan and pocket tissue, flyer of enlightenment article.


Long row of parades

In spite of hot weather bottom, more than 200 one participated in parade.

Passerby is interesting, too

Many people showed interest, and passerby realized that security of Naka Ward was supported by local power, too.

Ceremony before cattleya plaza

We performed ceremony in front of cattleya plaza of arrival point at parade.
There were greetings from Takemae Director General, Chairperson association of Hirayama Machiuchi, Tanaka Yokohama probation director and the Ise Watabiki Saki chief constable, Director firefighting out of forest.

Wind music performances in port

There was performance of wind music by student of municipal port Junior High School this year.
Performance power of marching contest high rank winning a prize regular customer is characteristic.


Cheerleading of Yokohama women's university

Student of Yokohama women's university Junior High School, high school showed cheerleading and appealed for "exercise to light society" by splendid performance full of dynamism.

State of cheerleading

On the day approximately 300 people in all participated while it was hot. With this activity, understanding spreads about rebirth of people who committed crime and prays for what bright society which there is not of crime and delinquency realizes.

 Middle protection host who played a key role, and planned, and ran of campaign, Naka Ward rebirth protection woman fair and related organizations including Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations thank you.