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The 25th "great Okagawa Sakura Festival" was held!

April 1, 2017

The 25th "great Okagawa Sakura Festival" was held on Saturday, April 1 when we took office as Director General and participated in opening of a meeting ceremony carried out in Fukutomi-cho Nishi Koen . Is unfortunate; it was likely to rain, but a lot of area and people concerned gathered, and enthusiasm for festival was felt 1st.

Chairperson Hirayama greetings

As representative from area, there were words of thanks from Chairperson Hirayama of Chairperson association of Naka Ward Machiuchi communication meeting to thing that area was united in story and holding about process of large Okagawa Sakura Festival holding, and was invited the day to.

Director General greetings

When I wanted to support thought of on this great Okagawa Sakura Festival and local bond, connection, we said hello.

Chairperson Ichinose greetings

When executive committee would advance in future and wanted to wrestle with thanks to having had many people cooperate from Chairperson Ichinose of large Okagawa Sakura Festival executive committee, there were greetings.

Booth and stand

Each venue along Fukutomi-cho Nishi Koen and great Okagawa that ceremony was held was lined with many booths and stands in spite of rain, and crowds gradually increased, too.
I enjoyed walk of Ooka riverside, too.

Live concert

It was sequel, but live concert was carried out openly the next day on Pier Sakura stand ship stage. "Venice" sailed from Hinode, Yokohama pier and enjoyed scenery only by great Okagawa.