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The seventh Naka Ward walk & health Festival

We hold walking event and healthy event in Naka Ward on the same day.

[the date] Sunday, November 12, 2017 ※Rainy weather decisive action, stormy weather cancellation
   ※Please refer to Yokohama-shi call center ☎045-664-2525 (8:00 ...) for the held right or wrong on the day.

Walking event (prior application system)

We walk course that member of health practice promotion plays a key role and set and are walking event to aim at Naka Ward Office annex and THE BAYS of goal.
All 10 courses around tourist attraction in Naka Ward and local attractive rediscovery spot.
Of course, family, couple, friends, even one is welcome. Please challenge with a choice of course you like.

Walking course map  

  The course name Meeting place, reception hours The number of people
1 course

For sea breeze
Stroll! (105 minutes course)

Yokohama sunrise pier 9:00  50 people
2 course Odori Park course via large shrine of Okagawa promenade, three (70 minutes course) Isezaki cross street 9:00 25 people

3 course
With sea breeze from Basyamichi Nordic events walking (70 minutes course)
※There is Paul rental
Minato Mirai Line Bashamichi Station 9:00 20 people
4 course We make a tour of parks aimlessly (60 minutes course)  Yamabuki park 9:15 20 people
5 course "(60 minutes course) that flower talks if beach" willow moves forward  JR Ekimotocho, Ishikawa-machi Exit 9:15 25 people
6 course Yamashita Park Minato Mirai course (60 minutes course) 9:00 in front of Yamashita Park center fountain 60 people
7 course Let's go to see passenger ship to large san bridge (90 minutes course) Middle Honmoku community house 8:30 30 people
8 course Let's go to encounter ball camphor tree (90 minutes course)  1, Kitakatamachi Hall 8:30 30 people
9 course Garden walk course (90 minutes course)  Middle sports center 8:30 30 people
10 course Yamatecho walk road course (60 minutes course) 9:00 in front of Yamamoto Elementary School community house 40 people

[application method] Mail, FAX, E-mail (in the application to the following references)
          ※We do not perform acceptance over telephone
          ※When assistance is necessary, in the case of application, I would like application with companion.

[application required items] Applicant full name, full name furigana, sex, zip code, address, phone number, course number desired 

[offer period] From October 11, 2017 to October 20


Health Festival (prior application unnecessary)

On the day, in Naka Ward Office annex and THE BAYS of goal point of walking course, we hold healthy event that we can participate in.
Various healthy program that there are own health condition and physical strength check from adult to child although being a pleasure!
Walking a little…One called this is GO to Naka Ward Office annex, THE BAYS, too!

[holding time] From 10:00 to 12:00  
[holding place] Naka Ward Office annex, THE BAYS

yoga experience for beginners♪

   In course of once 30 minutes when professional instructor instructs, we can experience the breathing method and pose of yoga comfortably.

   ◇All 30 each time 30 minutes three times (start time 10:00 /10 time 45 minutes /11 time 30 minutes) first-come-first-served bases on that day
     The first floor of THE BAYS basement studio

   ※Please finish acceptance (the studio) by ten minutes
   ※Come in clothes which are easy to exercise (slipper unnecessary)

Spot sale society of vegetables from Yokohama♪

   It is sale of vegetables by farming family in Yokohama-shi from Yokohama.
     ◇Naka Ward Office annex

    ※Number is limited

    ※Take eco-background

 In addition

・Drink, food, accessory sale (nakana cafe)
・5m dash (Naka Ward sports promotion committee communication meeting)
・Smart living experience (Naka Ward consumer life promotion meeting)
・3R dream enlightenment (Naka Ward environment business promotion committee communication meeting)
・Physical fitness test society (middle sports center)
・Body balance check (association of Naka Ward physical education)
・Breast cancer enlightenment (Lions Club pink ribbon Kanagawa in Yokohama)
・The bone density measurement (member of Naka Ward health practice promotion society)
・Food education workshop (the Naka Ward eating habits member of improvement promotion society)  ※There is sampling (number is limited)
・Walking point - pedometer grant ... (Naka Ward Health and Welfare Division)
・Health promotion declaration - photography ... (Naka Ward Health and Welfare Division)

 nado events are varied!

Event flyer is this

The Naka Ward walk & health Festival secretariat (the Naka Ward Health and Welfare Division)
 〒231-0021 35, Nihonodori, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi
 FAX 045-224-8157
 E-mail address na-kenkou@city.yokohama.jp
 TEL 045-224-8333