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Director General photo communication December, 2016

List of Director General photo communication is this

We carried out "election promotion composition contest that the 36th Naka Ward was well acquainted" with commendation ceremony!

December 6, 2016

We have you interest in the small, junior high student and the protector in Naka Ward about election and politics, society and, for the purpose of raising awareness of inhabitant of a ward for election, carry out "election promotion composition contest that Naka Ward is bright" every year.
In the 36th and this year when it was, we had application of 938 works in total.
After examination, it commended primary schoolchild A section, primary schoolchild B section, junior high student section to one gold medal, silver medal two, 18 people of three bronze medals in total each.

Commendation ceremony start

We held commendation ceremony in Director General room.

Elementary school A section 1

Elementary school A section (small 1-3 years) handed testimonial to five people of attendance from me on the day.

Elementary school A section 2
Elementary school B section 1

Elementary school B section (small 4-6 years) handed testimonial to four people of attendance from Chairperson at Yanaka ward board of elections on the day.

Elementary school B section 2
Junior high student section 1

Junior high student section handed testimonial to four people of attendance from election promotion meeting chairperson whom Maekawa Naka Ward was well acquainted with on the day.

Junior high student section 2
Social gathering 1

After commendation ceremony, we performed social gathering and interchanged with prizewinners.

Social gathering 2

Thank you for applying with work from much elementary school student students.
From composition of everybody, one's area and earnest thought about warm feeling and politics, election to people who lived there to live watched and were glad very much. We continue having the thought as member of Naka Ward from now on and hope that he/she deepens thought.