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Director General photo communication November, 2016

List of Director General photo communication is this

"Tulip cup seventh Naka Ward nursery school relay road race meeting" holding!

November 9, 2016

Naka Ward nursery school relay road race meeting reached the seventh at this time, too.
26 garden in Naka Ward, approximately 380 children gathered in Honmoku mountaintop park this year.

Preparations exercises

Preparations exercises "Oh Susie"
We understand body which is numb by cold.

Relay road race 1

We run in approximately 80 meters of one round while receiving much support. We tied cord together and aimed at goal.

Relay road race 2
Relay road race 3

After all 4 races, we handed all gardens certificate with trophy in teams from the first place of each race to the third place and were full of luck.

Exchange meeting 1

After relay road race meeting, we were divided into school district of entrance into a school of higher grade planned elementary school, and exchange meeting was held.

Exchange meeting 2

We had the principals come from elementary school and we did rock, paper, scissors train together and did and deepened interchange.

Exchange meeting 3

I took spirit from cheerful full children under the wintry sky which cold wintry wind one had, too.