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MarkIt is this about access to Naka Ward Office

MarkFloor map of Naka Ward Office annex is this

Layout of each floor of Naka Ward Office (main government building), procedure contents of each window can confirm.


The first floor

   Procedure contents
Family Registry Division proof issuance window Copying, certification of a seal impression of resident certificate, all the family register, personal matter certificate (*shohon) (as for the removal from a register, the second-floor), identification including tag of family register


The second floor

Number Procedure contents Phone number
21 The marriageBirthTransfer of domicileThe deathDivorceAll the removal from a register, personal matter certificate (*shohon)  045-224-8291
22 My number card reception desk, grant window  045-224-8298
23 Transference, transference, Seal Registration, elementary and junior high school (transference studies), house indication, Basic Resident Register card, public personal identification, special permanent resident certificate  045-224-8295
24 Medical system for elder senior citizensNational Health Insurance high medical costsThe Long-term Care Insurance payment (large amount care service costs)Children, single-parent, the severe person with a disability medical expenses furtherance  045-224-8317
25 Participation procedure of National Health Insurance, structure of National Health Insurance charges
Participation procedure of The Long-term Care Insurance, how to decide and payment of Long-term Care Insurance Premium
26 Payment consultation of National Health Insurance chargesPayment consultation of elderly aged 75 or over medical care premiumPayment consultation of Long-term Care Insurance Premium  045-224-8313
27 Participation, request of National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin), exemption, consultation of National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin) premium  045-224-8311


The third floor

Number Procedure contents Phone number
31 Social security (decision, conduct)  045-224-8241
Life support consultation counter (social security, the life poverty)  045-224-8250


The fourth floor

Number Procedure contents Phone number
41 Payment of protection costs, money of special condolence including the war dead  045-224-8155
42 Payment, consultation of city tax, tax payment savings union  045-224-8229
43 Report, taxation of city, prefectural taxTaxation of light motor vehicles  045-224-8191
44 Taxation of property tax (house)  045-224-8204
45 Taxation of property tax (land)  045-224-8201
46 Tax proof issuance windowCity, prefectural tax taxation proofFixed assets evaluation proofTax payment proofRegistration of motorcycle


The fifth floor

Number Procedure contents Phone number
51 Welfare health general consultation, elderly person support, certification for long-term care application, respect for the old pass  045-224-8161 - 2
 045-224-8167 - 9
52 Authorization of The Long-term Care Insurance  045-224-8163 - 4
53 Person with a disability support  045-224-8165 - 6
54 Child AllowanceChild care support (maternity record books)  045-224-8171

Health and Welfare Division moved to ward office annex. For more information:
(as for the phone number, there is no change)


The sixth floor

Number Procedure contents Phone number
61 Anti-disaster measuresThe temporary number of car, general affairs, the accounting   045-224-8112 - 4
62 Statistics investigation, election (absentee vote, board of elections)  045-224-8116
63 Issuance, public hearing of public information paper, information disclosure request reception counter, planning and coordination of main business in ward required, making of rule consultation corner of town  045-224-8121
64 Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations, consumer life, anti-crime program, road safety, citizen-based local administration support

 045-224-8131 (local action charge)

Promotion of Yokohama 3R dream plan, local cleaning

 045-224-8140 (Resources Reuse Promotion)

65 Culture, sports promotion, management, youth development such as district center community houses, lifelong learning support  045-224-8134



MarkIt is this about access to Naka Ward Office