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The living public, physical checkup, tax relations
National Health Insurance, National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin)


Suggestion about road, river, the sewer and question

Middle engineering works office expectation email
Inquiry about communication, road and river, the sewer about road installations (road surface, convex mirror, street light) and opinion can connect with engineering works office directly from this page. We would appreciate your informing of high-risk content including large-scale road cave-in on the telephone directly.
From the viewpoint of security, mail sending form is not available now. Please transmit than mailer or WEB email on notification.


Opinion to Yokohama municipal administration and suggestion

"Suggestion from citizen" contribution form
In Yokohama City Hall, we accept opinion from all of you, suggestion. We accept opinion and suggestion by mail, FAX, the Internet, E-mail. Please send frank "voice" of everybody to ward office Ward Administration Promotion Division (in city outside Civic Affairs Bureau public hearing consultation section) of ward to live. We send individual opinions and suggestion that had you approach to department in charge of from ward office and plan reflection to municipal administration.


About inquiry about ward office duties

Please inquire for inquiry about duties of ward office window than the following. We hope that we have you specify words to understand system and post in charge to distribute to person in charge of each duty that we had.

Inquiry email about ward office duties

Workbook of each section is this


Other references

Yokohama-shi call center
Welfare adjustment Committee