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Suspicious call to talk about staff of ward office occurs. Please be careful about refund fraud!

Suspicious call introduces itself as Naka Ward insurance section or Health Insurance Division, "there is refund of insurance. When the staff of 0 0 Bank says, we let you contact later and hangs up as we cannot file anymore at government office, there is telephone posing as the staff of ○○ Bank soon and seems to guide with "to file in ATM of ○○ branch" persuasively.

In person who contacted ward office, which there has been already for financial damage comes.

Procedure by document is necessary, and return of premium and medical expenses may not perform transfer procedure in ATM of telephone and bank.
In addition, ward office does not have "insurance section" and department called "Health Insurance Division", and ward office may not ask about bank and cell-phone of business partner, having bank card or not on the telephone.
Please be careful about suspicious calls thought to be refund fraud.