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We gathered up downloading links such as various applications or applications in this page.

Product for general visitors

Registration form about family register, resident certificate


Registration form about tax


Product for people of company

Documents about road

Item nameDocuments name
Permission connection of road private use

Permission for occupancy of roads application (discussion) book
Road private use abolition notice
Road private use quitclaim permission application

Road private use charges reduction of taxes application

Private use charges(Projecting signboard)Reduction of taxes application

Way waterway border investigation connection

In way waterways, it is border investigation application
Attendance written consent
Drawing certified copy grant application

Copying proof grant application

Request for road width proof

Legal outside commonality jurisdiction confirmation request book

Own expense construction connection of road

As for the roadworks, it is enforcement approval application 

Reports of start such as roadworks
Reports of completion such as roadworks

It is report of cancellation changes such as roadworks
Middle engineering works jurisdiction special pavement entry of facility structure


Documents about the sewer, park

Item nameDocuments name
Own expense construction connection of the public sewer

As for the construction construction of the community, general sewer facility, it is approval application

As for the construction construction of the community, general sewer facility, it is start registration form

As for the community, general sewer facility construction construction, it is completion registration form

As for the community, general sewer facility construction construction, it is change registration form

When we receive article setting and private use permission in public sewer facility

Article setting and private use permission application

When we use the public sewer at one time Temporary permission to use public sewer application
When we dig near the public sewer Neighborhood place registration form to dig of public sewer
Application about drainage (flush lavatory)

Drainage (flush lavatory) plan confirmation application

Drainage (flush lavatory remodeling) construction completion registration form

Application about published by processing discharge statement of position out of the area

Statement of position issuance application

Application about park (the park regulations enforcement regulations) To page of Environmental Planning Bureau

Documents about building administrative task

Item nameDocuments name
Registration application of prevention business such as building mouse insects
Registration application of building drainage pipe cleaning business
Registration application of the building environmental hygiene synthesis management work
Registration application of building air environmental measurement business
Registration application of duct cleaning business for building air conditioning
Registration application of building drinking-water quality testing business
Registration application of building drinking water water tank cleaning business
Report about special-use building
Report about water tank

Documents about business of food 
For more information: Yokohama-shi public health center web (various application procedure food hygiene relations)

Item nameDocuments name
When we begin business about food newly
When we close shop
When change occurred in patente application matter
When we lost business permits
Report of report business (we do not need permission)
Report of soup-kitchen
Setting, change of food hygiene person in charge
When we sell globefish processing product
About the certification of globefish business

Documents about business of store

Item nameDocuments name
Business of cleaning place
Business of pool
Business of inn
Business of bathhouse
Business of hairdressing place
Business of beauty place    
Business of performance ground