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Naka-ku Park map was completed!

In commemoration of the 33rd whole country urban greening yokohama fair being started on March 25, 2017 in Yokohama-shi,
"Naka-ku Park map" which stimulated production in middle engineering works office was completed at last!

From imminent small park to big park such as Yamashita Park about all parks in Naka Ward
It is with photograph and introduces.

A1 size (it becomes A4 size when we fold)

★The distribution starting date★
February 7, 2017

★Distribution place★
Naka Ward Office: General information (the first floor), Ward Administration Promotion Division (the sixth-floor 63rd window)
Naka Ward Office annex: Health and Welfare Division (the fourth floor)
Middle engineering works office: Sewage and Park Section

We wait for coming of all of you.

※Downloading is possible in Portable Document Format if you can click the following image.

(map side: PDF 4.76MB)                                            (information side: PDF 3.87MB)


 We are strong in water and adopt strong paper!

 To park map one hand park in Naka Ward
 Does it not rotate?