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List of business of each section

Section namePerson in charge nameExplanation
General Affairs Division General Affairs Section
Budget Adjustment Section
Statistics and Elections Section
Government building management, various investigations, board of elections
Ward Administration Promotion Division Planning and Adjustment Section
Public Relations Section
Measure report of ward, issuance, various consultation business of public information paper
Regional Promotion Division Collaboration promotion charge
Resources Reuse Promotion
Planning and Adjustment Section
Activity support charge
Charge such as culture, sports, the young people
Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations, local anti-crime program, commercial promotion, culture, sporting event
Children and Families Support Division Children and Families Support Section Child care support, infants health check-up
Elderly and Disabled Support Division

Elderly and Disabled Support Section
Elderly person support charge
The Long-term Care Insurance charge
Person with a disability support charge

Elderly person support, holding of various classrooms, person with a disability support
Health and Welfare Division

Health Promotion Section
Administration Planning Section
Business planning staff

Health consultation, holding of various inspection, classrooms
Tax Division Tax Payment Section
Nonpayment rearranging charge
City Tax Section
House charge
Land Section
Procedures about tax
Life support section Life support person in charge
Person in charge of office work
Decision, conduct of social security, life support consultation
Money of condolence particularly special the war dead bereaved
Family Registry Division Family Registry Section
Registration Section
Procedures of family register, resident certificate
Insurance and Pension Division Payment responsible
National Health Insurance Section
Tax Receipt Section
National Pension Plan Section
Application of National Health Insurance, medical system for elder senior citizens, National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin)
Health Sanitation Division Food Sanitation Section
Environmental Sanitation Section
Application necessary for various stores and building management
Middle engineering works office Road Section
Administration Section
Person in charge of sewer park
Management of road, park

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