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    Public information paper of Naka Ward issuance (published by every month) English public information paper of Naka Ward Office issuance (we issue four times a year) Zhongwen public information paper of Naka Ward Office issuance (we issue four times a year) Information paper of naka inhabitant of a ward activity center issuance (we issue six times a year) Information paper for park protection society of middle engineering works office issuance Brochure, publication of Naka Ward Office issuance Reading (as of 1974 ...) of booklet which we issued in the past We introduce origin of each name of a street and the history

Promenade of the history

"Promenade of the history" is column publishing serially in public information yokohamanaka kuban. Member of research of Yokohama Archives of History and Museum of Yokohama Urban History plays a key role and we write the history of Naka Ward and introduce.


The two major Okagawa building a breakwater to dig the remains of the 233rd bank dried islandnew

We dig the remains of the 232nd bank dried island

Ridge "banzai house" attached to the 231st Negishi racetrack

The 230th our country oldest park (Yokohama Park )

Yokohama combination light company which launched the 229th Kanagawa's first electricity company

Place of the 228th telephone exchange creation

The 227th Yokohama opening of a port and Kanagawa tax office

The 226th hebon residence

The 225th Venus sun disk progress observation monument

The 224th Yokohama opening of a port and Kanagawa city magistrate's office

The 223rd modern water supply birthplace, Yokohama

Western laundry of the 222nd Yatozaka

The 221st Odori Park and Isezaki-Chojamachi Station

Arch of the 220th Isezakicho entrance

Miyakobashi Bridge mall that ticks away the history after the war of the 219th Noge

Birth of the 218th Naka Ward

The 217th MacArthur and Hotel New Grand

The Tokyo Olympics and yacht harbor of the 216th illusion

215th size Yokohama construction commemorative expression and opening of a port memory Yokohama Hall

Hope of the 214th Yokohama-Chinatown Zenrin-Mon Gate (zenrimmon) - Yokohama revival

The 213th Yokohama town-block office and Yokohama-shi opening of a port memory hall

Monument (Mugitacho) of the 212th "streetcar garage ruins"

Water mansion of modern industries Gerard whom the 211th spring supported

The 210th foreign postal foreign postal start 80 monument which begins

The 209th two transferred monument our country Western dentistry birthplace

The birth firefighting first aid birthplace of the 208th fire department

The gaslight Japan gas business birthplace which lighted up the 207th Westernization

Water tower - Yokohama of the 206th Yamashita Park, India and India, proof India water tower of friendship

The 205th domestic production beer first issue is birth Kirin Brewery open source monument in Yamate, Yokohama

Mother and the child image (monument of the ice curine birthplace) solar to the 204th ice curine summer feature

Iron bridge Yoshidabashi Bridge Yoshidabashi Bridge barrier trace of the 203rd country second

Modern tennis birthplace, sanshukoennichihonteikyuhatsusagakorehi of the 202nd Japan

Trace Mitsukage Ono annex trace monument of the 201st "Ono Park"

Lighthouse of the 200th Japan and father R H Blanton bust (Yokohama Park ) of town development of Yokohama

Pioneer of the 199th Renjo Shimooka Japan photograph

The 198th Joseph hiko and place of newspaper birth in "overseas newspaper" - Japan

Windmill and well of the 197th Yamate

The 196th Japan wind music birthplace - Myokoji Temple

Railroad began in the 195th Sakuragicho - here

The Great Kanto Earthquake of the 194th Yokohama District Court

LARA supplies which relieved Japanese citizen of the 193rd postwar period

Daily life oxen and horses water to drink tank that there is the 192nd horse

British trading company historic spot Eiichi turn building trace that made a foray into Yokohama just after the 191st opening of a port

Piling-stones building a breakwater former U.K. Navy storeroom place building a breakwater indicating shoreline at the time of the 190th opening of a port

Christ cathedral Yokohama Lord of Heaven temple first after the 189th opening of a port

Place of place Convention of Kanagawa signing that the 188th Convention of Kanagawa was linked

The 187th "no fee" school violet (violet) girls' school

Picture postcard shop of the 186th Motomachi

The 185th Iseyama Shrine (iseyamakoutaijinguu) and Yokohama-machi

Yokohama finger road (margin) church of the 184th Onoecho

Negishi Line that the 183rd is opened

We do not forget the 182nd Great Kanto Earthquake

The 181st derequisition and postwar reconstruction of Yokohama

Confectionery of the 180th Motomachi

The rebuilding of the 179th opening of a port memory hall

The 178th silk quality control house

The 177th Yokohama Park now and the bygone days

New port Wharf which we looked at from the 176th sky

University bridge of the 175th Taisho era and foreign passenger ship

New Year holidays of the 174th Yokohama

Kaigan Dori of the 173rd blowing snowflakes round

Samurai firm of the 172nd Hon-cho Dori Avenue

From scene of the neighborhood of the 171st Kanagawa Station

The 170th Great Kanto Earthquake and Yokohama-shi Government building

The 169th Great Kanto Earthquake and picture postcard

The 168th France-Yama park

Chinese dressmaking shop of the 167th Yamashitacho

Blue flag of the 166th kaisan*en

Palace opening of a port memory hall of the 165th Yokohama people's culture

Baseball field of the 164th Yokohama Park

The 163rd Japan's first Western style park, Yamate Park

Face - Yokohama-Chinatown main street of the 162nd international city Yokohama

Theater district and joy free-market policy (kirakuza) of the 161st Nigiwaicho (turnout butterfly)

Street - Nihon Odori Avenue - among the 160th green

Hon-cho Dori Avenue and Meiji shop of the 159th 1906

Town, Motomachi that the 158th is stylish

The 157th Namamugi Incident and Namamugi of the early 20th century

University bridge of last part of the 156th Meiji era

Park - Yamashita Park ... of rest born in the 155th seaside

When the beach was in the 154th Hama

Yoshida-cho Street of last part of the 153rd Meiji era

Streetcar which goes through great Okagawa from the 152nd Sakuragicho Station

Sacred place, Yokohama of the 151st photo studio