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All the business of the 100th anniversary of the opening of a port memory hall of the 90th anniversary of the middle constituency system was finished. Thank you for your cooperation.

The 350, Yoshidashinden anniversary, Basyamichi 150th anniversary

For 2,017 years, it is the Yoshidashinden completion 350th anniversary and the Basyamichi birth 150th anniversary.

Reclamation of Yoshidashinden that foundation of Yokohama could mean 350 years ago from ... now was completed, and Basyamichi was made as town development of the opening of a port 150 years ago. Yokohama became city before long, and Naka Ward was born afterwards, too. Naka Ward reaches the constituency system 90th anniversary in 2017. ...


With Yoshidashinden

Originally area surrounded by Murakawa, large Okagawa, JR Negishi Line in the present was the shallow sea. Wood merchant, Kanbee Yoshida of Edo played a key role and, from 1656 (Meireki 2) through 1667 (Kanbun 7), filled up this sea and came to be called "Yoshidashinden".

Figure before Yoshidashinden developmentSeven ke cho*ritsuoyobikonkishikutsuwarizu out of Horai-cho
Figure (the left) before Yoshidashinden development seven ke cho*ritsuoyobikonkishihoriwarizu (the right) out of Horai-cho
"Yoshida interest product offer"

With Basyamichi

Basyamichi was made as way which left straight for new port Wharf in 1867 (Keio 3) of the next year of Yokohama big fire which burnt down the whole opening of a port ground by Yoshidabashi Bridge. Sound was high-pitched, and rare carriage of foreigners came and went, and the large road came to be called with "Basyamichi".
 "Municipal Central Library possession"

Yoshidashinden connection sign

In commemoration of the middle constituency system 90th anniversary, the Yoshidashinden completion 350th anniversary, we installed sign in place where there was old residence of Kanbee Yoshida. Sign introduces local resources in conjunction with figure which can compare the present with ruins of old mansion house at the time and Yoshidashinden existing in the outskirts.
Yoshidashinden connection sign

Setting place: In the 9-175, Chojamachi, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi sidewalk

Visiting famous spots of Yoshidashinden, Basyamichi walking

Of the 350th anniversary of the middle constituency system 90th anniversary, Yoshidashinden completion; and is with commentary in Yoshidashinden and famous spot of Basyamichi, and, in commemoration of the Basyamichi 150th anniversary, hold walking to rotate.
We understand the history of Naka Ward and become attractive contents which we can rediscover! We look forward to your application.


[held summary]

1 date and time

  November 3 Friday (holiday) from 9:30 to 12:00 (plan)

2 contents

  [A course] This walks Hinodecho Station for Basyamichi which is the birthplace of gaslight and ice cream while [B course] leaving Isezaki-Chojamachi Station each, and looking back on the history of Yoshidashinden including Oido in old residence ruins of Kanbee Yoshida of central figure who filled up Yoshidashinden.

3 application methods

  Fill in required items by double postal card, E-mail or FAX; and by Friday, October 6
In the case of a lot of application, we draw lots.
We will tell about result of the results of an election by double postal card, E-mail or FAX.

4 application
Association of NPO corporation Yokohama city guide "Yoshidashinden, Basyamichi walking" charge

  (double postal card) 〒 231-0023 15, Yamashitacho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi

  (FAX) 045-228-7693 

(E-mail) info@ycga .com


5 entrance fees

  Free of charge


※The details including application method are homepages of association of flyer and NPO corporation Yokohama city guide
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