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Request (we finished offer) of the support to commemorative project

Of the 90th anniversary of the middle constituency system; and will carry out various commemorative projects to heap up the opening of a port memory hall 100th anniversary.
We raise the support from all of you having agreement in this purpose to carry out these business by collaboration with many of you grandly.

⇒On Friday, October 13, we finished offer of the support.
 We have you approve of purpose of commemorative project and appreciate your supporting.

The support (we finished offer) by individual

1 support amount of money

Than one share of 10,000 yen 10,000 yen unit

2 privileges

  1. We present original pin badge (per one share one set of two).
  2. We publish good reputation in business cartulary. (only as for the applicant)

 ★Pin badge design★
(we arrive during production and may change designs.)
Pin badge design of the 90th anniversary Pin badge design of the 100th anniversary of the opening of a port memory hall

3 application methods

  1. You have you download support application, and, after filling out required items, please submit to the executive committee secretariat. Presentation is possible in E-mail, FAX, all of mail. (applicant bears expense required for presentation)
  2. Within one week from presentation of support application, I would like transfer in transfer of support application mention. (please bear transfer fee.)
  3. After confirming payment, we send receipt and thank-you letter and original pin badge (one set of two). (it becomes shipment after the end of October.)

★ Support application (for handwriting: PDF340KB)
★ Support application (with form for input: PDF346KB)

  (when warning of JAVA Script is given, please choose "we validate JAVA Script".)
※We use personal information that we had only for anniversary commemorative projects such as sending of receipt, privilege, good reputation publication to business cartulary and discard after anniversary commemorative project appropriately.

4 is careful

  1. When money of support is transferred with there not being presentation of support application, predetermined privilege may not be received.
  2. Please fill in support application by one piece of one.
  3. Money of this support of "donation subtraction of income tax" and "hometown tax" do not become a target.





Business executive committee of the 100th anniversary of the opening of a port memory hall of the 90th anniversary of the middle constituency system
The general affairs sectional meeting secretariat
Naka Ward Office General Affairs Division
Telephone: 045-224-8113
FAX: 045-224-8109