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Let's write dream ten years later for the 100th anniversary!

 With inhabitants of a ward, we performed campaign to make "90" big letters and collage that it was with sticker which we wrote celebration message for "dream ten years" later and the constituency system 90th anniversary for the middle constituency system 100th anniversary. Thank you for your cooperation.
 We display finished collage on the first floor of the ward office. In the case of the next agency, please see by all means in ward office.
 Commemorative event will continue in future until December. Please enjoy.

Message which we had

  • Congratulations of the 90th anniversary
  • Naka Ward close for all spirit
  • So that family is happy well all the time!
  • Get closer to dream to become scientist
  • kangoshininaritai!

We had nadonado, many messages. Thank you very much.


Business executive committee of the 100th anniversary of the opening of a port memory hall of the 90th anniversary of the middle constituency system
Public information, the plan sectional meeting secretariat
Naka Ward Office Ward Administration Promotion Division
Telephone: 045-224-8121
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