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 It is child care information portal site of Minami Ward. 
 In schedule of course, event about child care, we offer information about child care including available facility in parent and child.

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 ● Vaccinations scheduler
 ● Delivery, child care   
 ● Nursery school, kindergarten
 ●  Medical institution 

 How to use manual (Portable Document Format, 665KB)

  Access is search in ... "all we see iku nabi"!
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Vaccinations scheduler

We are displayed "today" in orange color line by scheduler when we have the date of birth of child input and will display Vaccinations to receive from now on.  
※We show basic Vaccinations pattern and do this service. Please consult with family doctor in inoculation enough.

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Delivery, child care

We understand event schedules such as infants medical examination or parents class performed at ward office and held place, reference. In addition, we provide schedule and place of child care salon held in area!

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Nursery school, kindergarten

We offer nursery school in ward, acceptance age and service information (having temporary childcare or not) of kindergarten, the space situation every age.
※As the space situation always fluctuates, please refer for the latest situation.

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Medical institution

We can narrow down medical institution in ward with conduct kind of medical departments and Vaccinations. In addition, we can go to hospital while seeing map from whereabouts!

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