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"All are not crowded" introduces child care information of Minami Ward so that everybody is brought up quickly and healthily.

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I want child

Health consultation or sterility consultation of woman

If we become pregnant

Grant of mother and child health handbook or various systems

If baby is born

Postnatal procedure or Check ups for Infants and Toddlers, Vaccinations

Child and play bo: Local child care information

Introduction or child care support information of place to stay of parent and child such as baby classes

We want to talk

Child, woman, other consultation counters

We want to leave child

Nursery school, kindergarten, temporary childcare information

About attendance at school

Information of elementary and junior high school

Single-parent child care

Life support systems of mother and the child (father and son) home

When child is defective

Consultation about obstacle or various systems

Prevention of child abuse

What kind of thing is child abuse? Consultation counters

Disease and the accident prevention of child

Care or medical expenses subsidy program of child of illness

About tooth, nutrition

Meal or the cavity prevention of infants

About this site

Support child care of Minami-ku, Yokohama-shi; "all are not crowded".
Children of Minami Ward send information to be useful for child care to "all are not crowded" so that father, mother feel relieved lively again, and there is child care so that mind and body can grow in good health together.
When you were in trouble, you utilize this site, and please find hint of child care!

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Emergency contact number in the case of emergency Tell; and child care
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