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It is asked opinion to Minami Ward government office

Inquiry to Minami Ward government office
Opinion, please connect with each department in charge consultation inquiry about ward office duties.

It is given advice suggestion to the administration of a ward, municipal administration

 Suggestion of inhabitants of a ward listens to opinion widely and does to make "warm" town with collaboration with inhabitant of a ward (we call "public hearing" in city).

 We advocate public hearing business which Minami Ward enforces next.
1.Suggestion from citizen
2.Minami Ward government office "administration of a ward suggestion box"

 Suggestion that we had sends opinions to post in charge immediately and, as a general rule, except case to hope for contact information ignorance, "it is answer-free", replies within 14 days from the next day on reception desk day.
 We examine opinions, and we carry out, and thing which can cope examines conduct after the next fiscal year suggestion accepted in post in charge when security of budget is necessary. In addition, about item which administrations of country or prefecture have jurisdiction over, we tell the administration concerned.

1.Suggestion from citizen

 We accept by the Internet, mail. Please refer to Civic Affairs Bureau homepage for the details.

2.Minami Ward government office "administration of a ward suggestion box"

 When you come to ward office, you obtain on suggestion paper book yesterday, and, about correspondence of teller who became aware, improvement of administrative services, please mail in reception desk box.

  • We install suggestion paper and reception desk box in ward office the first floor.
  • You may have you mail even paper except suggestion paper again.
    Mailing address: 〒 232-0024 2-33, Urafunecho, Minami-ku, Yokohama-shi Minami Ward government office Public Relations Section
  • The Internet in the case of the use,Page (to Civic Affairs Bureau homepage) of "suggestion from citizen"Please send karao.
  • About the next content "please note that cannot accept with Minami Ward government office "administration of a ward suggestion box".
    ・It is against authorized individual and thing, public order and morals to slander group (slander), and to slander
    ・Thing that for-profit thing, purpose is uncertain

 Had approach from all of you; ", as a general rule, among Minami Ward government office "ward administration suggestion boxes," announce the points such as suggestion, opinion and answer (correspondence) for it about thing which replied by "document" or "E-mail" in Minami Ward homepage. As for the details, please see page of publication of Minami Ward government office "administration of a ward suggestion box".

 "District round-table conference" is held every 16 alliance Neighborhood Associations in ward once a year. The government talks with inhabitants "" face to face, and the result is reflected in administrative various quarters.