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Yokohama-shi call center 045-664-2525 Minami Ward main phone number 045-341-1212
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Information for Minami Ward government office window

〒232-0024 Urafunecho, Minami-ku, Yokohama-shi 2-33/ telephone: The 045-341-1212 (main) guide map, open agency date and time

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Main duties



Person in charge of section name

Telephone, FAX number
(as for the area code 045)

The first floor
Specialized consultation (laws), municipal administration request, petition, public information, reception desk of information disclosure The first floor 1 Ward Administration Promotion Division
Public Relations Section
TEL 341-1112
FAX 341-1241
Road, the sewer, park
(engineering works office)
Various permission of road, the sewer, park Parking lot ridge
The first floor
101 Engineering works office
Administration Section
TEL 341-1106
FAX 241-1156
Repair construction of road Parking lot ridge
The first floor
102 Engineering works office
Road Section
TEL 341-1107
FAX 241-1156
Repair construction of the sewer, facility improvement, park protection society of park Parking lot ridge
The first floor
103 Engineering works office
Sewage and Park Section
TEL 341-1108
FAX 241-1156
Window guidance, stand, inhabitant of a ward lounge (with a smile Minami), gallery The first floor
The second floor
Family register ・
Address ・
Seal Registration
Reports such as birth, the marriage, the death The second floor 11 Family Registry Division
Family Registry Section
TEL 341-1115
FAX 341-1123
Issuance such as copying, Seal Registration Certificate of resident certificate, all the family register (certified copy), personal (abridgment) matter proof, present situation proof such as tag, pension of family register The second floor 12 Family Registry Division
Proof issuance window
Proof issuance handing over window The second floor 13
Entrance to school, transfer procedure to elementary and junior high school The second floor 14 Family Registry Division
Registration Section
TEL 341-1118
FAX 341-1123
Resident move notification appearance, Seal Registration, special permanent resident certificate, my number card, public personal identification service The second floor 15
Resident registration handing over window The second floor 16
National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin) ・
Employee health insurance ・
The medical expenses furtherance
Payment consultation of National Health Insurance charges, Long-term Care Insurance Premium, elderly aged 75 or over medical care premium The second floor 17 Insurance and Pension Division
Tax Receipt Section
TEL 341-1127
FAX 341-1131
Procedure (participation, change, withdrawal, certificate of the ceiling) of National Health Insurance, The Long-term Care Insurance The second floor 18 Insurance and Pension Division
National Health Insurance Section
TEL 341-1126
FAX 341-1131
Elderly aged 75 or over medical care, National Health Insurance allowance for family medical expenses, house repair, welfare tool, large amount of care, the medical expenses furtherance (children, severe person with a disability, single-parent) The second floor 19 Insurance and Pension Division
Payment responsible
TEL 341-1128
FAX 341-1131
Procedure, consultation of National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin) The second floor 20 Insurance and Pension Division
National Pension Plan Section
TEL 341-1129
FAX 341-1131
Expenditure, withdrawal to creditors of public money The second floor 21 Ward's Treasurer's Office
Accounting Section
TEL 341-1133
Payment (Yokohama-shi relations) such as city tax, National Health Insurance charges, Long-term Care Insurance Premium The second floor 22 Bank of Yokohama "Koban" (police box)
The welfare General information, consultation, The Long-term Care Insurance (consultation of certification application, service) about welfare health of elderly person, person with a disability The second floor 23 Elderly and Disabled Support Division
Elderly and Disabled Support Section
TEL 341-1136
FAX 341-1144
We issue card with respect for the old special identification of ride, welfare special ticket (except Child Raising Allowance recipient, child with a disability), use of welfare taxi ticket (except child with a disability), authorized medical expenses , Hama Elderly and Disabled Support Division
Elderly and Disabled Support Section
TEL 341-1137
FAX 341-1144
Consultation of mind welfare health Elderly and Disabled Support Division
Person with a disability support charge
TEL 341-1142
FAX 341-1144
The Long-term Care Insurance company window (representation application, home, care prevention service plan notice) The second floor 24 Elderly and Disabled Support Division
The Long-term Care Insurance charge
TEL 341-1138
FAX 341-1144
Child care  Child Allowance, mother and child health handbook, infants medical examination, children chronicity identification illness, nurture medical care, upbringing medical care, special ticket, use of welfare taxi ticket The second floor  25  Children and Families Support Division
Children and Families Support Section
TEL 341-1148
FAX 341-1145
Children and Families Support Division
Child-rearing Support Section
TEL 341-1151
FAX 341-1145
Nursery school entrance consultation, application Children and Families Support Division
Childcare charge
TEL 341-1149
FAX 341-1145
Consultation, application of single-parent (Child Raising Allowance), child with a disability (under 18 years old) Child-rearing Support Section TEL 341-1152
FAX 341-1145
 Child, home support consultation Children and Families Support Division
School cooperation, child charge
TEL 341-1153
FAX 341-1145
It is kids club, After-School Care Program Clubs after school Children and Families Support Division
School cooperation, child charge
TEL 341-1155
FAX 341-1145
Window guidance, proof camera The second floor
The third floor
Tax Property tax account book reading, consultation The third floor 31 Tax Division
Land Section
TEL 341-1161
FAX 341-1242
Tax Division
House charge
TEL 341-1163
FAX 341-1242
Issuance of certificate (taxation proof, tax payment proof, evaluation proof) about tax practice, registration, abolition procedure of motorcycle The third floor 32 Tax practice proof general counter [zeimadominami] 
Personal municipal tax, prefectural tax report, consultation The third floor 33 Tax Division
City Tax Section
TEL 341-1157
FAX 341-1242
Payment (seizure, public auction) of payment method, nonpayment city tax of city tax The third floor 34 Tax Division
Tax Receipt Section
TEL 341-1169
FAX 341-1178
Fire department Various contracts, article delivery of goods, fire brigade-related office work Firefighting ridge
The third floor
37 Fire department
General affairs department
Fire prevention, fire prevention, disaster prevention management, disaster prevention instruction, facilities, dangerous materials for firefighting Firefighting ridge
The third floor
38 Fire department
Prevention Division
Affliction proof, emergency proof, fire smoke generating, roadwork, suspension of water supply Firefighting ridge
The third floor
39 Fire department
Defending section
Public hall (hall), courtyard open space The third floor
The fourth floor
Health Cancer screening, Vaccinations, lifestyle improvement consultation, eating habits consultation, tuberculosis, infectious disease measures, A-bomb victim notebook, member of health practice promotion, health record book, the hepatitis medical expenses furtherance, asbestos health damage aid system The fourth floor 41 Health and Welfare Division
Health Promotion Section
TEL 341-1185
FAX 341-1189
The welfare Local welfare officer, children's committee, chief children's committee The fourth floor 42 Health and Welfare Division
Administration Planning Section
TEL 341-1182
FAX 341-1189
Planning and coordination, statistics, public information of welfare health business, community-based welfare health pipelaying, management of community care plaza Health and Welfare Division
Business planning staff
TEL 341-1183
FAX 341-1189
Medical care, hygiene Consultation such as application, consultation, dog or cat of environmental sales people concerned, consultation such as hygiene of pest, house, hygiene management consultation of water tank The fourth floor 43 Health Sanitation Division
Environmental Sanitation Section
TEL 341-1192
FAX 341-1189
Application, consultation of food-related business, application of healthcare worker license, medical facilities The fourth floor 44 Health Sanitation Division
Food Sanitation Section
TEL 341-1191
FAX 341-1189
Public hall (office <reception desk>, meeting room, rehearsal room), medical examination venue The fourth floor
The fifth floor
Social security Social security medical institutions support the bereaved such as application, the war dead The fifth floor 51 Life support section
Person in charge of office work
TEL 341-1204
FAX 341-1219
Social security consultation counter, consultation, decision, conduct of social security, life poor independence support Life support section
Life support person in charge
TEL 341-1203
FAX 341-1219
The sixth floor
Living, town Lifelong learning, young people healthy upbringing, local culture promotion The sixth floor 61 Regional Promotion Division
Inhabitant of a ward activity promotion person in charge
TEL 341-1238
FAX 341-1240
Use of inhabitant of a ward facility management, sports promotion Regional Promotion Division
Ward Facilities Subdivision
TEL 341-1237
FAX 341-1240
Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations, consumers measures, road safety, illegally parked bicycle measures, anti-crime program measures The sixth floor 62 Regional Promotion Division
Person in charge of local action
TEL 341-1235
FAX 341-1240
Town planning that is beautiful with cleanliness, garbage illegal dumping measures, reduction, recycling promotion Regional Promotion Division
Resources Reuse Promotion
TEL 341-1236
FAX 341-1240
Support of local administration of the local main constituent The sixth floor 63 Regional Promotion Division
Planning and Adjustment Section
TEL 341-1239
FAX 341-1240
Planning and coordination of ward main pivot business, the making of rule of town The sixth floor 64 Ward Administration Promotion Division
Planning and Adjustment Section
TEL 341-1232
FAX 341-1240
Statistics investigation, election The sixth floor 65 General Affairs Division
Statistics and Elections Section
TEL 341-1227
FAX 241-1151
Disaster prevention, grant of the temporary number, social movement insurance The sixth floor 66 General Affairs Division
General Affairs Section
TEL 341-1224
FAX 241-1151
Thing left behind, ward Government building management, the accounting The sixth floor 67 General Affairs Division
Budget Adjustment Section
TEL 341-1226
FAX 241-1151
Rooftop garden The sixth floor
※Meeting room is on the seventh floor.
※There is no dining room.