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Cherry tree project

What is cherry tree project?

Minami Ward cherry tree maintenance, utilization plan

Meeting activity introduction of Minami Ward cherry tree volunteer

   2011  ・ 2010  ・ Activity before it

Fragrant wood of high quality of Minami Ward cherry tree

"Memory of cherry tree" (felling tree utilization project)

    ・2017 ・2016  ・2015    ・2014  ・2013  ・2012   ・ 2011   ・ 2010  ・ Before it
   Work introduction of "memory of cherry tree"    ・ Work introduction 2 of "memory of cherry tree" 

Minami Ward cherry tree savings promotion meeting

   What is Minami Ward cherry tree savings promotion meeting? 
   Maintenance, utilization, the spread, enlightenment activity support system of cherry tree

  Thank you for cooperation in <cherry tree savings!>
   We introduce people who had cherry tree savings raise funds.
   2017 ・2016 ・2015 ・2014 ・2013 ・2012 ・2011 ・Before it

Flowering information of cherry tree in Minami Ward

  Large Okagawa promenade
  Before 2017 (2), 2017 (1), 2016 (2), 2016 (1), 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, it

  Fragrant wood of high quality of Minami Ward cherry tree
   2016 ・2015 ・2014  ・ 2013  ・ 2012  ・ 2011  ・ Before it

Nickname of yaebenishidarezakura of the Idogaya bridge sleeve was decided to "Minami cherry tree"!

Nickname of yaebenishidarezakura of the Idogaya bridge sleeve was decided to "Minami cherry tree"!

Tree name board In commemoration of the Minami Ward system 70th anniversary, we performed tree planting of flower "cherry tree" of ward around Idogaya bridge. Of these, yaebenishidarezakura is set to four of the sleeve of bridge as symbol tree.
 It recruited nicknames of cherry tree so that we got close, and this cherry tree was loved for a long time in the future by inhabitants of a ward and was decided to "Minami cherry tree".
 Selection was performed by maintenance, "Minami Ward cherry tree savings promotion fair" that we spread of cherry tree, and this nickname decided one point of highest award and excellence Prize two points as follows.
 Thank you for much application from all of you!

Highest award Minami cherry tree
       It is good to name of cherry tree as symbol of Minami Ward

All excellence prize 1 cherry tree to look atLogo of the 70th anniversary of the south administration of a ward
       That everybody looks at cherry tree from new bridge and watches, and to value.
              We are seen, and, as symbol tree, be loved by everybody of Minami Ward.
       In south warm wind, be greatly brought up in a moment.

All excellence prize 2 thick cherry tree
       Bridge where Idogaya bridge spans great Okagawa. Great Okagawa flows through four wards in Yokohama-shi.
       "All are dark" in "mi" of Minami Ward, "na" of Naka Ward, "ko" of Konan Ward, "i" of Isogo Ward, initial four characters.
              Place of superb view where the river which leading, the convenience to transportation sees well from bridge is beautiful as for four cherry trees, and heart softens.

 Nickname is listed in information for tree name board and Idogaya bridge signatures installed in the sleeve which cherry tree has. When we come to neighborhood, please see by all means.