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Introduction of the Minami Ward district person in charge

The 2018 district person in charge

 Also, we locate the district person in charge in each district alliance Neighborhood Associations to support problem solution of each district in Minami Ward positively that section to be related to cooperates and copes generally.

 The district people in charge of 2018 are as follows.

  Alliance Neighborhood Associations District charge
Manager Section manager Chief
1 Shrine of three Health and Welfare Center Supervising Director-General School cooperation, child project manager Regional Promotion Division
Inhabitant of a ward activity promotion chief
2 The eastern part of Ota Health Sanitation Division
Environmental hygiene chief
3 Ota Tax practice section manager Children and Families Support Division
Charge chief
4 The eastern part of Kotobuki Elderly and Disabled Support Division
The Elderly and Disabled Support Section head
5 Nakamura Vice-Director General (the manager of General Affairs Department) The Elderly and Disabled Support Division head Tax Division
Charge chief
6 Maita General Affairs Division
The Statistics and Elections Section head
7 Horinouchi Mutsumicho South engineering works office vice-director Life support section
Life support charge chief
8 Well Tsuchigaya General Affairs Division
The Budget Adjustment Section head
9 South Nagatasannoudai The Health and Welfare Center head The Health Sanitation Division head Health and Welfare Division
Health promotion chief
10 Mutsukawa Oike Ward Administration Promotion Division
Public Relations Section chief
11 Nagataminamidai Tax Division project manager Ward Administration Promotion Division
Planning and coordination chief
12 North Nagata Insurance and Pension Division
Payment responsible chief
13 Mutsukawa South engineering works office work director Family register section manager Elderly and Disabled Support Division
Local inclusion care promotion charge chief
14 This Ooka Life support section
Life support charge chief
15 Ooka The Insurance and Pension Division head Family Registry Division
Charge chief
16 Bessho Tax Division
Charge chief