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What is local power?

 We started business that propelled "local power" in 2009 in Minami Ward. 
 It is "local power" to be regarded as important very much to solve local problem.

 By the way, what will "local power" be? 

 Generally, we point to authority that local having potential and inhabitants show. Because local power was indispensable, in the case of real rescue operation of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, we came to attract attention.
 Local power is said to be self-government power of local person, power that is said to be cultivated for interest to area, and is indispensable to town development including not only disaster prevention but also the welfare and anti-crime program now other than accumulations of local resources.
 Briefly, will it be thing of "power to match power in local people, and to solve local problem?"
 We perform approach to let every department cooperate as the support system to solve local problem that diversified at ward office from 2009.