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We launched promotionArrow area information magazine, Minami Ward social magazine of Minami Ward top pageArrow administration of a ward informationArrow area power "shiningly"!

We launched local information magazine, Minami Ward social magazine "shiningly"!

South wind is warm

 While having connection while concentrating various invention while being considerate of partner

We work on local problem solution and making of charm
We introduce activity of all of Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations and groups.

One that wants to begin what it is for one, area that may have a problem with local action,
Check it out!

The first issue (November, 2017 issuance) 

It is the first Minami Ward social magazine shiningly ◇Introduction contents◇

 ・Idogayashimomachi first Neighborhood Associations 
  "Child local source of information disaster drill 120 people participation" 
 ・4, Mutsukawa Neighborhood Associations
  "Well as for any event!"
 ・The first Neighborhood Association in Mutsukawa
  "Young person and veteran launch together of achievement youth group"
 ・1, Kyoushincho Neighborhood Associations
  "We watch by Halloween event happily"
 ・Inner hand Neighborhood Association, Nango, Minato Neighborhood Association, Gumyoji Park Neighborhood Association
  "Cooperation of three Neighborhood Association for disaster"
 ・Meeting of orange in eastern Ota
  Until "the meeting establishment of dementia orange to watch in area in eastern Ota"

※Downloading is this → Minami Ward social magazine "shiningly" (PDF version)

Conventional back number (information for areas "south "neighborhood power")

Introduction (Portable Document Format, 1,499KB) of / private elementary school of the Edo period Minami holding introduction / local action presentation of 20th (January, 2017 issuance) subsidy grant group

Report (Portable Document Format, 415KB) of introduction / district round-table conference of 19th (September, 2016 issuance)
subsidy grant group

18th (April, 2016 issuance) contents Director General greetings (some extracts) (Portable Document Format, 351KB)

Information for /H28 subsidy system holding 17th (January, 2016 issuance) local action presentation (Portable Document Format, 498KB)

Activity introduction (Portable Document Format, 312KB) of introduction / subsidy grant group of 16th (November, 2015 issuance) private elementary school of the Edo period Minami

Report (Portable Document Format, 764KB) of introduction / district round-table conference of 15th (September, 2015 issuance) subsidy grant group

Information for 14th (April, 2015 issuance) Supervising Director-General greetings / district round-table conference (Portable Document Format, 173KB)

Grant group introduction (Portable Document Format, 594KB) of thirteenth (January, 2015 issuance) vice-Director General greetings / Minami, power up subsidy

Twelfth (April, 2014 issuance, some extracts) Director General greetings (Portable Document Format, 492KB)

The eleventh (February, 2014 issuance) promotes improvement of welfare by "local we assist" (Portable Document Format, 492KB)

We aim at the making of relationship of mutual trust with a view of face with tenth (April, 2013 issuance, some extracts) all of you (Portable Document Format, 328KB)

Five warm approaches (Portable Document Format, 413KB) that area where ninth (December, 2012 issuance) area leads to deepens

For eighth (April, 2012 issuance, some extracts) Minami Ward which can live in peace "warmly" (Portable Document Format, 198KB)

Seven approaches (Portable Document Format, 485KB) that connection of seventh (December, 2011 issuance) area deepens

We support sixth (June, 2011 issuance, some extracts) fine local activity! (Portable Document Format, 424KB)

Is there not really leading figure of fifth (January, 2011 issuance) local action? (Portable Document Format, 1.91MB)

In area (Portable Document Format, 614KB) where we collect fourth (October, 2010 issuance) neighborhood power and are fine

Relations to see face of person of the third (May, 2010 issuance, some extracts) neighbor and neighborhood (Portable Document Format, 392KB)

We tie second (March, 2010 issuance) person and person and follow command (Portable Document Format, 692KB)

What will first (December, 2009 issuance) "area power" be? ? (Portable Document Format, 750KB)

We solve problem of foundation of a periodical preparations (September, 2009 issuance, some extracts) area together!