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The third Minami Ward community-based welfare health planning start!

The third Minami Ward community-based welfare health planning start!

 For community development which anyone could spend like oneself in good health in peace, "the third Minami Ward community-based welfare health planning" that local and person concerned with welfare health, group put power together and devised (following "third plan") was gathered up

 Because "it seems to be oneself, and town that can show independence of will" "town reliable safely" is healthy, and "it realizes town full of smiles" concretely, "town of the old downtown atmosphere is rich in, assisting" pushes forward next four points in basic principles aim image of town in "town Minami Ward which feeling (heart) of inhabitant of a ward lives" for which third plan succeeded to from first plan chiefly.

* We are connected and assist                   

* Place of opportunity, participation of achievement

* The preparation at the time of information sharing and disaster

* Health promotion

 We distribute booklet of plan with summary version in Minami Ward government office Health and Welfare Division (the fourth-floor 42nd window), Minami Ward Council of Social Welfare (the eighth floor of urafunefukugofuku*hodokoshi*), community care plaza, hakuhoen in Minami Ward.

Press release document (421KB)

Cover (12,671KB)
Greetings, table of contents (1,050KB)
In development of Chapter 1 third Minami Ward community-based welfare health planning (1,148KB)
The current situation (3,354KB) of swing return marks and Minami Ward of Chapter 2 second plan
Way of thinking (2,560KB) of Chapter 3 third plan
Chapter 4 ward master plan (5,547KB)
Plan (3,157KB) according to Chapter 5 district 
※We refer to PDF concerned for plan of each district
For Chapter 6 third pipelaying (1,327KB)
Document (12,830KB)
Back cover (12,671KB)

<summary version> (1,498KB)

PDF concerned

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