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For traffic convenience improvement of Nagatasannoudai district

Sannoudai traffic measures committee activity communication vol.0
Activity communication (March, 2010) [PDF] 

 For residential area in hill, Nagatasannoudai and outskirts area commute to elderly person and impaired people, and they are areas where burden is big for hospital, shopping.
 We repeated five times of discussion meetings in total mainly on Neighborhood Association from 2008, and "Sannoudai traffic measures committee" which examined transportation in around Nagatasannoudai area in October, 2009 stood up.
Committee plays a key role and will push forward examination activity to raise traffic convenience of Nagatasannoudai district in future.

(※) Support system "Yokohama-shi area traffic support business" of Yokohama-shi
 Area predominates and is business of City of Yokohama, Road and Highway Bureau performing various support for approach before the making of plan reaching service for realization of transportation service that accepted local characteristic including bus and riding together taxi in cooperation with ward office. Sannoudai traffic measures committee registers group with this business and pushes forward activity.

October, 2009 establishment "Sannoudai traffic measures committee meeting"
Sannoudai traffic measures Committee activity area
Sannoudai traffic measures Committee activity area

●Organization summary
   October 28, 2009  
Purpose of registration:
 Nagatasannoudai district commutes to elderly person and impaired people for residential area in hill and is place that burden has a big for hospital, shopping.
It appears for result of questionnaire carried out before to be saved very much if there are means of transportation such as buses in area.
Therefore we examined various possibility and wanted to develop community improvement campaign that was easy to live and registered.
Activity area for:
 Nagatasannoudai, Minami-ku, Yokohama-shi and Nagataminamidai housing complex
Contact information of representative: Sannoudai traffic measures committee
 (list of registration groups of Road and Highway Bureau Yokohama-shi area traffic support business)