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Yokohama-shi call center 045-664-2525 Minami Ward main phone number 045-341-1212
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Information for road, sewer, park (south engineering works office)

Information for south engineering works office

Written inquiry answer about design book

We show around presentation method of written inquiry about contents of design book, answer to question method with design book.
About thing saying that we perform answer on homepage, we reply from this homepage.

Application downloading
As for each application format to engineering works office, please see "downloading of application documents" page.

List of construction points of main construction

 In the construction point of main construction, please see "list of main construction construction points" page.



Page of Hama road supporter

In the page of Minami Ward Hama road supporter, please see "Hama road supporter" page.
Day event of way is this.

Page of Minami-ku Park protection society

As for activities of Minami-ku Park protection society and the related document, please see "park protection society" page.

About the conclusion of contract to need emergency

FAQs (collection of Q&A)
As for the details, please see "common question" (collection of Q&A) page.

The location, contact information
◆The location
 〒232-0024 2-33, Urafunecho, Minami-ku, Yokohama-shi (the first floor of engineering works office ridge in Minami Ward synthesis Government building)
 TEL 045-341-1106 FAX 045-241-1156