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Minami Ward earth and sand disaster caution area map

Because, in 2014, many earth and sand disasters occurred at the time of typhoon 18 approach in Yokohama-shi,
For the purpose of having you confirm earth and sand disaster caution area in home and outskirts area again,
We made "Minami Ward earth and sand disaster caution area map".

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Map 1 Map 2 Map 3 Map 4 Map 5 Map 6 Map 7 Map 8 Map 9 Map 10 Map 11 Map 12 Map 13 Map 14 Map 15 Map 16 Map 17 Map 18 Map 19 Map 20

Map 1 (PDF model, 1,586KB) 1, Nagatakita, 2, Nagatakita, 3, Nagatakita, 3, Nagatahigashi
Map 2 (PDF model, 1,473KB) 2, Nagatahigashi, 3, Nagatahigashi, 1, Minamiota, 2, Minamiota, 4, Minamiota, Shimizugaoka, kodai
Map 3 (PDF model, 1,596KB) Shimizugaoka, kodai, Fushimicho, Miharudai, 1, Minamiota, Nishinakacho, Maesatocho, Shirokane-cho, Hie-cho
Map 4 (PDF model, 1,433KB) Takanecho, Maganecho, Eirakucho
Map 5 (PDF model, 1,345KB) 3, Mutsukawa, 3, Nagatakita, Nagatadai
Map 6 (PDF model, 1,642KB) Nagatadai, Nagataminamidai, Nagatasannoudai, 2, Nagatakita, 3, Nagatakita, 1, Nagatahigashi, 2, Nagatahigashi, 1, Nagataminami, 2, Nagataminami, Idogayakamimachi
Map 7 (PDF model, 1,497KB) 1, Nagatahigashi, 2, Nagatahigashi, 3, Nagatahigashi, Idogayakamimachi, Idogayanakamachi, Idogayashimomachi, 1, Minamiota, 2, Minamiota, 3, Minamiota, 4, Minamiota, Hananokicho, Shukumachi, Miyamotocho, Kyoushincho
Map 8 (PDF model, 1,515KB) 1, Minamiota, Hananokicho, Shukumachi, Miyamotocho, Kyoushincho, Enoki-cho, Higashimaitamachi, Hie-cho, Minamiyoshida-cho, Sanno-cho, Yoshinocho, Shinkawamachi, Futaba-cho, Takasagocho, Nakamuramachi, Takanecho, Shirotaecho, Urafunecho, Yamaya
Map 9 (PDF model, 1,594KB) Takanecho, Shirotaecho, Urafunecho, Maganecho, Banseicho, Nakamuramachi, Yamaya, Yahata-cho, flat comfort, Karasawa
Map 10 (PDF model, 1,495KB) 1, Mutsukawa, 2, Mutsukawa, 3, Mutsukawa, 4, Mutsukawa
Map 11 (PDF model, 1,669KB) 1, Mutsukawa, 2, Mutsukawa, 3, Mutsukawa, Nagatasannoudai, 1, Nagataminami, 2, Nagataminami, Idogayakamimachi, Gumyoujicho, Nakazato 3
Map 12 (PDF model, 1,559KB) Idogayakamimachi, Idogayanakamachi, Gumyoujicho, Ohashi-cho, Nakajimacho, Tooricho, Wakamiyacho, 1, Ooka, 2, Ooka, Kyoushincho, Miyamotocho, Makida-cho
Map 13 (PDF model, 1,487KB) Kyoushincho, Enoki-cho, Makida-cho, Higashimaitamachi, Horinouchi-cho, Mutsumicho, Nakamuramachi, Yamaya
Map 14 (PDF model, 1,374KB) Yamaya, Yahata-cho, flat comfort
Map 15 (PDF model, 1,428KB) 2, Mutsukawa, 4, Mutsukawa, 5, Bessho, 6, Bessho, 7, Bessho, Besshonakazatodai
Map 16 (PDF model, 1,575KB) 1, Mutsukawa, 2, Mutsukawa, 1, Bessho, 2, Bessho, 3, Bessho, 5, Bessho, Besshonakazatodai, Nakazato 1, Nakazato 2, Nakazato 3, Gumyoujicho
Map 17 (PDF model, 1,507KB) Gumyoujicho, Nakazatocho, Nakazato 1, 1, Bessho, 1, Ooka, 2, Ooka, 3, Ooka, 5, Ooka
Map 18 (PDF model, 1,455KB) 4, Bessho, 5, Bessho
Map 19 (PDF model, 1,451KB) 1, Bessho, 2, Bessho, 3, Bessho, 4, Bessho, 5, Bessho
Map 20 (PDF model, 1,506KB) 3, Ooka, 4, Mutsukawa, 5, Mutsukawa

What is earth and sand disaster caution area (collapse of steep slope)?
Kanagawa based on the prevention of earth and sand disaster method by "collapse of steep slope" (landslide),
We announce area where damage might extend to.

[earth and sand disaster caution area notification book reading point in Minami Ward] (to page of Kanagawa)

Designated standard of earth and sand disaster caution area (collapse of steep slope)
・ Area with more than 5m in height of slope in 30 degrees or more
・ Horizontal distance is area within 10m from the upper end of steep slope
・ It is area within twice the height of steep slope from the bottom end of steep slope

Reference [Kawasaki, Yokohama, Kanagawa river improvement office] about designation of area (to page of Kanagawa)

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