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Vicinity of subway southern part seminar (group activity activation)

Vicinity of subway southern part seminar (group activity activation)
 Three wards (Minami Ward, Konan Ward, Totsuka Ward) along the subway southern part cooperate and perform course for one working on group.

We learn in three days! "Information dispatch that utilized the Internet"

 Though we want to send information of group activity using the Internet, we must see it in ... such one not to be able to readily step forward! We can learn from basic knowledge to introduction of tool about information dispatch using the Internet widely! Golden opportunity to widen width of activity PR!

[object] Person who is concerned with administration of group activity

[capacity] 30 (a lot of each ward ten people time lottery)

[entrance fee] Free of charge

[childcare] Six preschool children (prior application system, majority time lottery) two years or older

 [application method]
  In postcard, fax, E-mail (mn-gakkyu@city.yokohama.jp), fill in (1) - (11), to application
  (1) Course name
  (2) Address
  (3) Full name (furigana)
  (4) Phone number
  (5) FAX number
  (6) The generation
  (7) Active group name and activity contents
  (8) Having information dispatch experience or not by the Internet
  (9) Want to know in this course
 (10) What we feel for problem in running group 
 (11) When hope for childcare, the name (furigana), sex of child, allergic presence, straight time

 [application] Minami Ward Regional Promotion Division inhabitant of a ward activity promotion person in charge

 [deadline for application] It must arrive by Friday, December 18, 2015

In detail "learn in three days! Please see information dispatch flyer (PDF file) that utilized the Internet