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Do you not give glory to ribomborio with message to great Okagawa of living informationArrow culture, sports, educationArrow cherry tree famous spot of Minami Ward top pageArrow Minami Ward? We overcharge boom and support and are raising

Do you not give glory to ribomborio with message to great Okagawa of cherry tree famous place? We overcharge boom and support and are raising

 In Minami Ward, we plan interchange of inhabitant of a ward phase each other and deepen more regionalism, and various groups, administrations hold "Minami Ward Sakura Festival" inhabitants of a ward for the purpose of the making of livable Minami Ward every year all in one body brightly.
 "Minami Ward Sakura Festival" colonizes as event of charming sights, thank you, to tell spring widely, and every year many tourists visit row of cherry blossom trees of large Okagawa promenade during flowering period.

 Put your name and message in large Okagawa promenade that row of cherry blossom trees was lighted up this year; "overcharge boom", and decorate o!
 In commemoration of birth and entrance to school, graduation, marriage of child, only for family and you do not let "overcharge boom", and turn on in o cherry tree?

Display row of cherry blossom trees of large Okagawa promenade; "overcharge boom", and, for the heno support, I would like cooperation minatchinoojigino picture

※ The details of the 28th Minami Ward Sakura Festival are this

 The 28th Minami Ward Sakura Festival "overcharges boom"; summary of the support

Light up of cherry tree "overcharges boom"; lighting period

■Lighting type: Saturday, March 24, 2018 4:30 p.m. ... (plan)
      Gumyoji mall Sakura Bridge

■Is going to turn on; period: From Saturday, March 24, 2018 to Wednesday, April 11 ※We may change period by the flowering situation of cherry tree
      From 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. (as for from Monday to Thursday until 9:00 p.m.)

"Overcharge boom"; summary

Setting place Large Okagawa promenade (Kannon Bridge - Shimizu Bridge)
※"Overcharge to "Shimizu Bridge - platinum bridge" boom", and establish o, but have support; "overcharge boom"; nitsuiteha,
 We limit to section of "Kannon Bridge - Shimizu Bridge".
Support amount of money 1 light 3,000 yen
We overcharge boom 30cm in height, six three colors
Excellent case We overcharge boom and print letter on two
As memory such as entrance to school, graduation, marriage, birth, the name and message of family are left, too.
※We can cope per one to one 15 characters (up to two 30 characters).
  When it becomes two lines, letter extremely becomes small.

Money of note 1) support "overcharges boom" and, other than making, allots to budget of the whole Sakura Festival.
When event is called off by note 2) weather, I cannot pay back money of support either.
About note 3) bomborino notice place, it becomes leaving a matter entirely in the Sakura Festival executive committee secretariat.


Application method

 Postal transfer account number 00250-4 -30738
              Name    Minami Ward Sakura Festival executive committee
    ※In the case of the use, it does not cost fee with transfer paper (we distribute in Regional Promotion Division and each the ward facility) of executive committee designation.
    ※"You overcharge boom", and please fill in mention column of transfer paper with heno name case

 Apply at the sixth floor of the cash payment ward office 61st window (Regional Promotion Division) 

 Application from exclusive form (the Internet) 
    "We overcharge boom form for exclusive use of the support" URL


Application, the due date

Until Friday, February 23, 2018

We look forward to your application, cooperation! Picture of minatchino Festival

Special support offer

We raise the special support from company and group.
 There are privileges such as booth exhibition on the day of notice and the event of support lantern according to amount of money in particular.

 I would like cooperation with advertisement to enliven Sakura Festival by all means in total.

 For details, please confirm this.

Request of the Sakura Festival special support

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