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Yokohama-shi call center 045-664-2525 Minami Ward main phone number 045-341-1212
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About grant reservations of my number card

About grant reservation of my number card

 I send grant letter of advice (reservation guidance postcard) to one where my number card (personal number card) is applied to for by mail as soon as inspection work of card is finished and is ready to be able to hand.
 Come to my number card grant window of the second floor of the Minami Ward government office Family Registry Division directly after having had you make a reservation on the receipt date and time beforehand when grant letter of advice arrives. (please fill in answer to grant letter of advice book column beforehand.)

<including reservation method>

 ○Only as for the telephone ※Conventional Internet reservation is not available.
045-341-1119 (Minami Ward government office Family Registry Division accepts from 9:00 a.m. on weekdays to 5:00 p.m.)

From 1st (1st in the case of closed days next business day), we accept reservation for the next month every month.

 ○We recommend that it is made a reservation early on Saturday as reservation is easy to be filled up in (only in the second, the morning of the fourth week open agency).
On January 12, reservation on January 26 was already filled up.

About shipment time of grant letter of advice with possibility

 At shipment time of grant letter of advice in Minami Ward with possibility, it is street of lower table.

Card application month October, 2015
November, 2018
December, 2018   January, 2019

Shipment time with possibility

It has been sent During January, 2019 During February

※Handing over may become late even if we have you apply within the period mentioned above to remake my number card about card which malfunction was found in in process of inspection in J-LIS (local public entity information system mechanism).

To person having grant letter of advice that the next agency time limit passes

 In Minami Ward, we keep my number card which exceeded the next agency time limit for the time being and prepare to issue.