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Yokohama-shi call center 045-664-2525 Minami Ward main phone number 045-341-1212
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Suspicious call to talk about staff of living informationArrow insurance, pension , medical expenses furtheranceArrow ward office of Minami Ward top pageArrow Minami Ward occurs. Please be careful about refund fraud!

Suspicious call to talk about staff of ward office occurs. Please be careful about refund fraud!

Posing as the staff such as ward office or city hall, fraud to let you let you hear and operate soup stock and automated-teller machine (ATM) and transfer of personal information occurs under the pretense of refund of premium or return of medical expenses on the telephone.

Return of refund, medical expenses of premium,

★ We file by letter and may not perform transfer procedure on the telephone.

★ It never occurs that we let you operate ATM.

★ We may not demand communication to toll free number and cell-phone.

★ We may not contact from financial institution.

After checking the name and position of partner, please refer to ward office Insurance and Pension Division National Health Insurance Section some other time without contacting ordered phone number when we receive suspicious call.