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With Midori Ward homepage

 We show around various administrative services that ward office provides precisely, and Midori Ward homepage primarily aims at what we tie to service that inhabitants of a ward needs efficiently.
 In addition, various related information and local information are accumulated in ward office in normal business routine. About these, we provide in possible range at ward office.
 In addition, about charm of the highlight of Midori Ward which everybody usually gets used to and Midori Ward which is not known very much, we introduce.

Is easy to see information quickly, precisely

 We kept use such as images as minimum to be able to find out desired information immediately on Midori Ward homepage.
 In addition, we prepared for various access methods to information including "field distinction" "life stage distinction" "question that it happened quite often" to see homepage, and to prevent, "it was not revealed where the information to be looking for was" and allowed you to find out information that I wanted immediately by establishing "Midori Ward WEB page search" to search the Midori Ward homepage more.

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Midori Ward WEB page search

 Midori Ward WEB page search is search system for homepages that Midori Ward runs. We appoint any keyword and can find out WEB page including the keyword.
 In addition, please come back in "Back" button of browser when you search again. As you return to search screen of Yokohama-shi when you click "re-search" of the search results screen lower left, please be careful.

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We print Midori Ward homepage

 When we print Midori Ward homepage, setting of browser is necessary (setting method varies according to browsers). Please set yo "printing color and image of background".

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Link policy

・About group and contents of link and origin of link, there is not under the management of Midori Ward government office. About contents of the site, Midori Ward does not take any responsibility. In addition, about linked page, Yokohama-shi does not recommend the contents.

・In the Midori Ward homepage, link is free. When we link, after checking Midori Ward link standard, we hope that we have top page swell.

・Midori Ward homepage meets precondition for link and links mutually with site publishing contents in conjunction with Midori Ward in.

For more details, please see Midori Ward link standard.


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