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Do not interchange through green open garden - garden; or ...

About green open garden

 In Midori Ward, we release garden or flower bed which are usually cared for and carry out opening garden that enjoys flower and green while interchanging with people who came.

 We help your interchange while doing PR such as gardens in ward and news on Pub. Date in "green open garden Facebook page".

 Taking the opportunity of this, we have interchange with many people and would appreciate your deepening hobby.
Banner of Facebook page
      ** which opens when we click

We can release such a garden

  • Garden or group planting such as door-built house, apartment house or shop, office
  • Garden or flower bed in place that person including park and public facilities can release
  ** that hanging basket or hedge which we can admire from street without entering garden are OK 


We want to be released and want to visit garden

One that wants to release garden, please click this. Please click person who wants to visit garden


  Green open garden conduct summary PDF version (145KB)
  Page of green open garden Facebook page operation policy is this place

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